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About Us



JE Reel Driveline has been in business for over four decades and specializes in premium performance drivelines for the motorsport enthusiast. Our focus has been on custom drivelines that need to endure the strain from vehicles that produce high torque and horsepower. We have been the go-to driveshaft shop for many premier racers in offroad and 4×4, as well as modern day muscle car, drift cars, and drag racers.


The driveline technicians at JE Reel have a combined expertise totaling more than 140 years. Every driveshaft that leaves the shop is designed to meet the highest standard that are both trail tested and race tested. We offer competitive pricing and up-to-date designs in driveshaft construction, balancing, and heat treating of shafts made of steel, carbon fiber, or aluminum.

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The reason we specialize in driveshafts for all styles of racing is because racing, jeeping, and off-roading is our passion. Whether you are driving a 4×4 rock crawler on gnarly trails, tearing it up at the drags, or drifting on an asphalt track – our driveshafts will take care of your power transfer from your engine to the wheels with minimal loss of power and vibration free