Modifying Your Vehicle

The purchaser shall be responsible to determine all design and/or specification parameters and the suitability of any particular product for its intended use in accordance to lift, tire size, gear ratio, angle, suspension, and all other vehicle modifications. All of these items contribute to high maintenance on drivelines. Please see the recommendations.
O.E. manufacturers spend millions of dollars and countless man hours in R&D to make sure their vehicles perform trouble-free. Any changes to suspension, gear ratio, tire size, and/or other modifications add additional stress and wear to these vehicles, adversely affecting both reliability and ride comfort. Vehicles can have problems associated with these modifications. J.E. Reel Driveline Specialists is not responsible for any problems that occur due to installation or modifications to any vehicle.
Determine how your driveline will attach to the vehicle

J.E. Reel Drivelines are designed to work with 2½” & 4½” lifts from most lift kit manufacturers. Lifts higher than 4½” or long arm lifts must be measured for driveline length. It is best to measure all drivelines if possible.